Hard Facing Applications:
  • Drill Pipe Hard Banding
  • Hole Openers
  • Stabilizers
  • Mills
Repairing Services:
  • Non-Mag Stabilizers
  • Fishing Tools
  • API Threads
  • Stabilizers
  • Mills
Please contact our company for any further information or details for how we can achieve your company goals and objectives in a cost effective and timely fashion.


Well Engineering
Our experienced Well Engineers are ready to provide you all aspects of Well Engineering Services including preparation of MDPs, Review of Programs & Documents, Well Planning, AFE Preparation and Drilling Optimization.

Operations Consultancy
With extensive experience and background in Drilling Operations in the Middle East, North Africa and European Oilfields, ProGrynd professionals will be providing you the most efficient Operational Consultancy. We design and manufacture special equipment for our clients in the case of unconventional well situations.


Our Operational Teams are standing by in strategically based operational facilities to provide the fastest services for our clients in the region.

With specialized and heavily trained and experienced wellsite supervisors, ProGrynd International is able to focus on the customer's needs and satisfaction.

  • Fishing and Milling Services
  • Sidetracking and Whipstock Services
  • Surveying and Orientation Services
  • Well Abandonment Services
  • Tools Rental Services