Our Welding and Fabrication Facilities main function is the application of Hard Facing on Downhole Tools.

In this processes high quality personnel and products following set procedures monitored by qualified personnel are utilized to ensure customer satisfaction.


Our Grinding Facility is equipped with one of the largest Cylindrical Grinding Machines in the Middle East with a capacity of grinding diameters up to 37 in OD.


The machine shop is well equipped to service the Oil Industry. With Heavy Duty Megabore Lathe Machines which allows us the capability of turning jobs up to 38 in diameter.

We also have Manual, Semi-automatic and CNC Lathe Machines and Milling Machines, which gives us the capability of mass production. For servicing tools there is Breakout Machine and Jar Tester.


  • Fishing Tools (Die Collars, Retrieval Hooks, Junk Sub)
  • Casedhole Whipstock Systems (Hyd&Mech, Perm&Ret, All Sizes)
  • Openhole Whipstock Systems (Infl. & Cmt Type, All Sizes)
  • Mills (Junk, Taper, Pilot, Cmt, Raptor, All Sizes)
  • Tru-Tubing Mills (All Types & Sizes)
  • Hole Openers (All Types & Sizes)
  • Stabilizers (All Types & Sizes)
  • Under Reamers (All Types & Sizes)
  • Pup Joints, Subs, X-Overs (All Types & Sizes)
  • Drill Pipe Tool Joints (All Types & Sizes)
  • API Threads (All Types & Sizes)
  • Mud Line Suspension (MLS)