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The company constantly carries out a patent and inventive work connected with regular press monitoring of innovations concerning the company's activity and patenting of the in-house ideas.


ProGrynd International
P.O. Box 108954 Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Tel.: + 971 2 5500698
FAX: + 971 2 5501873


ProGrynd International LLC has its main facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE and several other offices in the world providing equipment, services, personnel, design, manufacturing and tools repair.
  • Certified Quality Management System
  • Machine Shop
  • Extensive Experience and Background in the Field
  • Quality Downhole Products and Services


ProGrynd International LLC can meet your fishing requirements anywhere in the world. As a Fishing Tool Company and supplier of quality Downhole Products we have a complete range of downhole equipment and services, specialized in Cased Hole Thru Tubing and Open Hole Fishing for onshore and offshore applications.


ProGrynd International was established in 2005 and solidified a base location in the Mussaffa Industrial Park of the Abu Dhabi area in the UAE. Since the inception of the company we have obtained one of the largest diameter cylindrical grinders in the Middle East. At 36 Inches and a bed length of 30 feet, the machine and the company are able to furnish all requests for all different types of industries and clients.